This year more than ever businesses rely heavily on digital marketing to promote and distribute their content. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of businesses use their content marketing as part of their promotional campaign. This is most likely because content marketing cost 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates almost three times as many leads, says DemandMetric. It is no wonder many different platforms are taking off, offering businesses a new way to get their content noticed.

There are traditional mediums businesses use to get more traffic to view their content and promote in general such as, social media. However, there are many more tools available for companies to get the upper hand and get ahead of their competitors. These 15 ways will provide your business with the most return on investment, and get your content noticed. How to execute these tools is simple and will also add to your companies credibility.

1. Google AdWords Combined with Google Analytics
Driving traffic to your site and getting your target audience to consume your company content is the name of the game. Pinpointing who you want to reach with Google AdWords, and then seeing the results with Google Analytics will help you further understand what is happening in your campaign. AdWords makes sure users see your ad on websites as they surf. The advertisements provided by Google AdWords is now in 80% of search results, according to Moz.

2. YouTube
Create a short video containing your content, and then make sure to enhance your video with the right SEO tools. Add keywords to your title, description, and tags so when users search for related content your content lands at the top of the SERP.

3. Email Lists
Email marketing is a simple tool to get your content in front of your audience. Sending out your newsletter, promotions, and links to your content help you connect with your target market while reducing the dent other forms of marketing could make.

4. Content Communities
Post your content on sites such as; Blog Engage, BizSugar, or TribePro. This enables users who may have never seen your content otherwise, access to your articles because of their selected interests.

5. Facebook
One of the most popular social media platforms today. Facebook enables businesses to place ads in front of thousands of users, and post and share close to anything the company wishes.

6. Instagram
Businesses can set up their company’s brand with an Instagram account and then post content, mainly images with descriptions, to attract followers. This social media platform is a great way to get noticed because posts can start conversations and build your brands name.

7. StumbleUpon
This discovery engine recommends content to its users based on their preferences and interests. Users may vote for the best articles, and in turn those articles are more likely shared with others. StumbleUpon is a great way to increase traffic to new and older posts.

8. Tumblr
This social media is kin to a small blog, where businesses can link back to their Facebook, Twitter, and websites. The photos shared on Tumblr are an alternative type of messaging and are eye-catching.

9. Twitter
Another highly popular social media platform. Twitter can send out short tweets with a link to your content to thousands of followers, and in turn is easily re-tweeted.

10. Related Bloggers
Influencers and Bloggers who might be in a related field will usually provide a link to your website or specified content. Reach out to the influencer through email and politely ask them for a shout out.

11. Q&A Websites
Providing answers to people’s questions with the name or link to your business which may solve their issue is a great way to build credibility. Businesses need to make sure their answer is highly informative and helpful. Such websites are; Quora, StackExchange, and

12. Triberr
This medium will help your business and/or blog promote on different social media platforms. The service duplicates what you post on social media to the Triberr account, therefor allowing other tribe members to see and easily share. 

13. LinkedIn Pulse
Pulse is LinkedIn’s publishing platform. By submitting articles through this medium users are able to reach millions of fellow LinkedIn subscribers. The more users publish, the more followers one gets. As an article gets more views it ranks higher on the Pulse page, where users continue to garner more attention.

14. SlideShare
Create a slide show to share with over 60 million visitors each month. Make sure to use your keywords and phrases in your description, title, and presentation so to get the most hits. 

15. Reddit
Post a subreddit your content fits into and then share with your friends on social media. This light promotion should get traffic to your Reddit post and your content will take off.

16. Medium
Medium is a blogging hybrid platform where organizations can share high quality articles. The site contains collections of stories which are published by its users, and is one of the most attractive platforms when it comes to style.
Traffic, when it is organic and real, helps businesses rank higher in the SERP. Getting your published content seen by more users is a constant and ever evolving business. There are a plethora of ways to get the ball rolling, and once it takes off your business will flourish.

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